The student will

a)   identify and describe the characteristics of prime and composite numbers; and

b)   identify and describe the characteristics of even and odd numbers

Essential Knowledge and Skills  (Full Curriculum Framework for this SOL)

  • Identify prime numbers less than or equal to 100.
  • Identify composite numbers less than or equal to 100.
  • Explain orally and in writing why a number is prime or composite.
  • Identify which numbers are even or odd.
  • Explain and demonstrate with manipulatives, pictorial representations, oral language, or written language why a number is even or odd.

Textbook Correlation

  Grade Lesson(s)  Notes
5.3a      Need supplemental activities on prime/composite numbers
5.3b      Need supplemental activities on odd/even numbers

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Additional On-line Resources from:
Rockingham County
Suffolk Teaching Activities and Resources

Online Games & Practice: 

Primes and Composites
Nice site from the SWVGS explaining primes and composites. Includes a game identifying primes, composites, factors, multiples, GCF, and LCM.

321know.com: Prime and Composite Numbers
Decide if a number is prime or composite.

XPmath.com: King Kong’s Prime Numbers
Whack-a-Monkey holding a prime number: what could be more fun than that?

toonuniversity.com: Prime Factoring
Demo game identifying factors – game play is a little awkward.

quizlet.com: Prime/Composite Flashcards
Uses four sets of flashcards in two different games.

teachrkids.com: Odd and Even Numbers
Practice counting sets of objects and identifying whether the total is odd or even.

aaamath.com: Even and Odd Numbers
Identify if the given number is even or odd.

bbc.co.uk/schools: Number Jumbler
Choose from 5 games, including Odd and Even.

softschools.com: Odd or Even?
Identify if the given number is even or odd.



Modeling Factors with Cuisenaire Rods
This .jpg image shows the factors of the numbers 1-10 sorted by number of factors.

mathisfun.com: Prime and Composite Numbers
An explanation of prime and composite numbers.

lessonplanpage.com: Prime and Composite Numbers / Prime Factorization
Hands-on activity that includes prime factorization.

Prime and Composite
Four day lesson plan that goes from identifying factors to prime factorization. Includes hands-on activities.

teachers.net: Prime and Composite Numbers with Manipulatives
Hands-on introductory lesson.

factmonster.com: Even and Odd Numbers
Description of even and odd numbers and the effects of operating with them.

learnnc.org: Odd & Even Exploration
Lesson plan based on the book Even Steven and Odd Todd by Kathryn Christaldi.

brainpopjr.com: Even and Odd Background Information and Activities
List of several ideas to help with teaching even and odd numbers, including games to play at home.

mathatube.com: Math with Larry – Even and Odd Numbers
Video lesson on evens and odds. Includes background information as well.

mathcats.com: Odd and Even Idea Bank
List of several ideas to help with teaching even and odd numbers

The Story of Mr. Odd and Mrs. Even
PowerPoint presentation telling a story about evens and odds (some typographical errors).


Free Worksheets:

lessonsnips.com: Prime Numbers
Number grid activity based on the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

worksheetworks.com: Prime Numbers Maze
Work your way through a maze by deciding if a number is prime or composite. Site generates multiple worksheets.

helpingwithmath.com: Multiples and Factors Worksheets
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) Includes worksheets on primes, composites, factors, GCF, LCM, and prime factorization.

superteacherworksheets.com: Odd and Even Worksheets
Several different worksheet types to choose from.

worksheetswizard.com: Odd or Even Worksheets
Generate worksheets using numbers up to 9,999.