4021 Price's Fork Road Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (Directions)
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Principal: Domenic Saia  Secretary: Carla Vaden Guidance: Kris Wertz

 At Price’s Fork Elementary School, we invite you to join us in helping our children to create their lives as if they were works of art. Our work will be based upon the building block priorities of community, climate, character, and curriculum coherence. The priorities will permit us to focus on what is truly important during the first years of each child’s schooling.

Our Vision for Our Children at Price's Fork Elementary School

As a school community, Price's Fork Elementary School is committed to the vision of making our school "A Growing Community of Learners."


  • We accept the responsibility to be active advocates for the educational rights of our children, our school, and our community and strive to foster the emotional well-being of each child.
  • We hold as fundamental the promise, the dignity, the intrinsic worth, and the unlimited potential of each child who enters our door.
  • We recognize that learning begins at home and extends beyond the classroom. Our school must actively involve our parents, our staff and our community.
  • We strive to create a learning climate which both respects the unique qualities of each individual, while at the same time promotes an understanding of our roles as citizens and stewards of many diverse social groups.
  • We strive to implement our curriculum to encourage all children to reach their potential.
  • We promote a learning climate which encourages exploration, research, and higher level thinking which promotes life-long learners from preschool and beyond.
  • We strive to foster the emotional well-being of each individual learner.
  • We celebrate the successes of our children as they continue in their learning.


A Commitment to Our Children Developed and Written by The PFES CARE TEAM, Our Community Planning Team And re-adopted by our faculty in August, 2012