Employee Severe Weather Codes

CODE 1 – One Hour Delay for students.  All instructional staff to report one hour late.

CODE 2Two Hour Delay for students.  Instructional staff to report two hours late.

* CODE 3 Schools Closed.  Eleven (11) and twelve (12) month non-instructional personnel will report on regular schedule unless otherwise notified (see further explanation below).

** CODE 4 System Shut Down.  Only essential personnel will need to report to work.(See explanation below)


*** CODE 5 – School Closed.  Twelve (12) month employees report two hours late.




If a decision is made to close schools or open schools late, every effort will be made to make the announcement by 5:30 a.m. Should schools be delayed or close for severe weather, a status is posted on the division website at www.mcps.org and on the severe weather phone line at 382-5102.

You may subscribe to receive a phone call or email in the event of a severe weather delay or closing. The website to subscribe is forms.mcps.org/delayclosing.asp.

Note:  On rare occasions, it may be necessary to make announcements after 5:30 a.m. Please continue to listen to media announcements in case changing weather conditions make it necessary to add or revise the announcement. If you have any questions, please call your principal or supervisor.

* Code 3 – Schools will be closed.  Eleven (11) and twelve (12) month non-instructional personnel will report on their regular schedule.  Personnel will work until their regular ending time unless an announcement comes from the central office.  If an employee reports late, he/she will work with his/her immediate supervisor to schedule leave to be taken or make arrangements to make the time up on another day.

** Code 4 – System Shut Down.  Only essential personnel will need to report to work. Each department will identify individuals who are needed to report to work to deal with severe emergency conditions.  Principals are responsible for making sure their buildings are checked as soon as possible.  Essential personnel at the school board office have been designated by the administration to be the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents. 

Facilities will send a recommendation for custodial staff hours and principals will notify if they have specific changes.

A Code 4 will only be used if a state of emergency exists and orders are given to stay off roads (i.e., ice storms, heavy snow, etc.).

*** Code 5 – Twelve (12) month employees report two hours late. Second Shift Employees adjust their shift by two hours as well.



If a decision is made to close schools early because of inclement weather, all teachers and instructional aides may leave 30 minutes after students depart unless the building administrator requests staff to stay longer due to the need for added support to help with students.  Essential personnel should remain at their school or building locations at least two (2) hours after students have been dismissed from schools or until all students have arrived safely at home. 

Announcement of early closings will be made by telephone to schools and offices by designated central office staff.  Non-school based personnel should remain at their work site for the normal working day unless specific instructions are provided from the Superintendent’s office concerning early dismissal time.

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