Diversity Initiatives

diversity initiatives

This document outlines the results of MCPS diversity initiatives. From increased minority hiring to decreased minority discipline rates, MCPS is working to address disparities from all angles.  As a result, this is another area in which MCPS is making great gains and leading the state.

Diversity Hiring

  • Diversity Hiring - Teachers

    • 2015 - 4 % of new teacher hires were minorities

    • 2016 - 5% of new teacher hires were minorities

    • 2017 - 10% of new teacher hires were minorities

  • Prospective Employee Diversity Dinner was held as part of our focus on diverse hiring. This dinner was sponsored by community partners and well-attended by prospective employees and Montgomery County community members.

  • Community organizations sponsored hotel rooms for minority candidates to interview with MCPS.

Discipline Rates, Classroom Culture, and Achievement Gap

  • Discipline PBIS having an impact.

    • No long term suspensions or expulsion of black students. In looking at state averages,  57% of long-term suspensions were black and 43% of expulsions were black.

  • Developed a discipline matrix to create a consistent and unbiased referral process to the alternative school, Montgomery Central. Additionally, students at MC are reviewed every quarter for positive academic and behavior results that can result in placement back at their home school.

  • Created a more consistent approach to discipline for all students and added an educational component for students who use derogatory terms toward students or staff members.

  • Revised our discipline referral form to require more detail from teachers in an effort to emphasize intervention, teacher/student relationships,  and prevention prior to students being referred to the school administrator.

  • On-time graduation rate and dropout rate for black students is better than state averages. MCPS on-time graduation rate is 89%, state is 88%. MCPS dropout rate is 3.8%, state is 6.8%.

  • Cultural Competency training for all school counselors.

  • Black History Month will be celebrated by every school in the division this year.

  • School board members regularly participate in the Dialogue on Race Education Committee

    • All principals attended Dialogue on Race Summer picnic with extensive follow up at the principal’s meeting

  • Members of the division leadership team and School Board Chair attended the Sixth Annual Combatting Racial Injustice Workshop. Their work focused on racial disparities in employment in Montgomery County.

  • MCPS had several hundred students attend the NAACP Student Social Justice event at Virginia Tech for the last two years.

  • Classroom not Courtrooms conference in Richmond, VA attended by School Board Members, Principals, and Central Office Staff. Report out to School Board will occur at October 3 meeting.

  • Staff members participate in trauma-informed training to better understand cultural diversity

  • Redesigned the Social and Cultural Action Committee to include subcommittees to focus on social justice, cultural awareness, and social issue awareness. Starting this year, the group will make recommendations about how MCPS can be more culturally responsive.

  • Our core values address challenges of our diverse population which include:

    • Physical safety and emotional well being

    • Mutual trust and respect

    • Open communication

    • Accountability

    • Engagement and life-long learning

    • Cultural Diversity (added in 2017)

  • Christiansburg Institute Exhibit at CHS

    • Planning a mobile Christiansburg Institute Exhibit so that all students, as well as community members, will have the opportunity to learn about this rich part of our history.

  • Individual intervention plan for each African American student who did not pass their reading or math SOL in 2017. We believe this will help us decrease the achievement gap.

  • The division is analyzing data broadly to look for trends between students who did not pass their reading or math SOL and the following factors:

    • Student attendance

    • PALS scores (elementary children)

    • OSS and office referral data at each school

    • Drop-out numbers for each high school

    • Mental health needs of minority students

  • Curriculum meetings across all grade levels and content areas to identify how to incorporate cultural citizenship and diversity awareness within the curriculum.

  • Diversity initiative in the MCPS libraries to ensure that all of our students are represented in our library catalogs.

  • The division is examining the disparity for minority students identified as gifted and researching trends to ensure that all students have equal opportunity for identification.

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