Active Learning Lessons - Third Grade

Language Arts

Active Homophones
Homophone Fitness
Homonym, Synonym, or Antonym
Identify My Part
"L"ing Around
Mine, No Mine
Short Vowel Dash
Short Vowel Dash - Word Cards
Short Vowel Line Up
What's the Big Idea
Where Do I Look?
Abbreviation Fitness
Capitalization Stations
Catching Punctuation
Run, Running, Ran
Short Vowel Sort
Speech Sort
Spelling "Bee"hind
Touching Nouns


Beach Ball Place Value
Bounding and Rounding
Bowling for Bears
Dizzy Decimals
Fraction Fitness
Fraction Toss
Place Value Fitness
Place Value Pirates
Rounding Chaos
Rounding Tag
What's the Value
Addition Loco-Motion
Amazing Curtain Race
Cone Craze Subtraction
Fitness Division
Fraction Frisbee
Index Card Math
Miss-Fit Factor
Mulitplication Bingo
Numero Uno
Product or Quotient Fitness
Product Fitness Worksheet
Product Fitness Circuit Cards
Spring Egg Hunt
Tossing Inverse Relations
What's Missing
What's the Missing Addend
Bank Rush
Bean Bag Toss
Grocery Store
How Do You Measure Up?
Money Tag
Put Your Money Where Your Token Is
What Time Is It?
Congruent Relay
Geometry Line Song
Geometry Twister
Slide, Flip, or Turn
Sorting Shapes
What's the Perimeter or Area
Graph Attack


Science Vocabulary Match
6 Corner Animal Adaptations
Moon Phase Relay
Food Chain Relay

Social Studies

Constitution Day Scavenger Hunt
Jumping Into Civics
Resource Dash
Navigation Station
Target the Continents
Where Do You Belong?
World Trade
Explorer Sort
Greece/Rome Similarities and Differences
Salt for Gold
Traveling Through Ancient Greece