For a brief overview of the benefits offered to you please refer to this document.


  1. Health Insurance through Anthem
        2017 - 2018 Plan Year:
    2017-2018 Benefit Booklet         2018-2019 Benefit Booklet
    2017-2018 Anthem Rates
    2017-2018 HMO SBC         2017-2018 HMO Detail Benefit Description
    2017-2018 Lumenos SBC  2017-2018 Lumenos Detail Benefit Description 
    2017-2018 PPO SBC          2017-2018 PPO Detail Benefit Description
    2017-2018 Lumenos Enrollment Application
    2017-2018 HMO Enrollment Application                                                                                                                               
    Anthem Change Form
    Health Insurance Election & Waiver Form 
    Health Insurance Pre-Tax Conversion
    Family Status Change Form
    Information on Marketplace Coverage Options
    Information on the Health Savings Account (HSA):
    HSA Enrollment Form
    HSA Payroll Deduction Change Form
    HSA Overview
    Understanding your HSA Account
    Video: Take a Tour of HSA Accounts
    HSA Web Access
    HSA Mobile App
    HSA Benefits Card Request
    FSA,HSA Eligible Expense Listing
    HSA Funds List
    Visit www.mywealthcareonline.com/fba/ for more information.

    General Forms and Information: 
    COBRA General Notice
    Anthem How to find a doctor
    Understanding deductible types: Embedded vs. Non-Embedded
    Anthem "Anywhere" app
    For information on prescription drugs follow this link Anthem Prescription Drug Lists and select "National Drug Lists/3 tier". 
  2. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    EAP Brochure

  3. Optional Benefits through Mark III
    2017-2018 Benefit Booklet
    View information on optional benefit products and download forms at http://www.markiiibrokerage.com/mcps/
    To make changes to your optional benefits outside of open enrollment due to a qualifying event, please complete the Family Status Change Form, submit to the payroll department and then contact Mark III to request the changes.
  4. VRS Retirement
    Find information and forms at http://www.varetire.org/default.asp
    For Minnesota Life Insurance information and forms go to
    Optional Life Insurance
    Optional Life Waiver and Enrollment Form
    VRS Group Life Insurance Certificate
    VRS Member Information Change Form
    VRS Beneficiary Designation Form
    User Guide for myVRS 
    VRS Plan 1 Handbook
    VRS Plan 2 Handbook     
    VRS Hybrid Plan Handbook   

    VRS Plan Comparison   

    You’re on the right road to move forward. Plan for tomorrow, today.

    The MBP is your online benefits statement providing important information about your retirement and other benefits as of June 30. You’ll find it by logging into your myVRS online account. Plan your retirement strategy today!

    View your MBP now. Go to www.varetire.org/myVRS to log in or create a secure online account.


  5. Long-Term Disability Insurance through Anthem Life
    Class 01: All Full-Time Employees working a minimum of 20 hours/week & earning a minimum of $30,000/year
    Class 02: All Full-Time and Part-Time Employees working a minimum of 30 hours/week & earning at least $20,000/year but less than $30,000/year

  6. Retirement Savings Opportunity
    General Information on 403(b) and 457(b) Investments
    403(b) and 457(b) Authorized Vendors
    Salary Reduction Agreement 403b and 457b

  7. Workers' Compensation
    Reporting Incidents to Company Nurse Hotline
    Worker's Compensation Panel
    W/C Prescription Form

    8.  Montgomery County Education Foundation
         What is the Montgomery County Education Foundation?
         MCEF Donations Payroll Deduction Form

    9.  Sick Leave Bank
         Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form


If your employment status changes from full-time to part-time please refer to this document Separation of Employment or Change in Status to find out about the impact on your employee benefits.