Summer School

Secondary Summer Academy 2017

Montgomery County Public Schools will offer new courses for credit and repeat courses to regain lost credits from June 19-July 13, 2017. The location for all Summer Academy classes is Christiansburg High School. Course offerings are dependent on sufficient enrollment.

Summer Academy hours: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday.
(Online instruction for new course offerings begins June 1.)

New Course registration is from: May 1 - June 1
Repeat Course registration is from: May 15- June 15

All registration forms and payment must be received by the deadline dates. Students may submit their completed application to the School Board Office at 750 Imperial Street, Christiansburg, Virginia. No applications will be accepted after the first class day. The application is posted below.

Summer Academy Application  (new and repeat courses)
Summer School Bus Schedule 

Daily breaks and a scheduled lunch period will be offered each day. Students will use their PIN number to pay for lunch exactly as they do during the regular school year. Lunch will be “A la Carte”, and the prices are:

Entrees- $1.75
Snack-type items- $0.50-$2.00
Fruit/Vegetable Side Items-$0.75
Assorted canned/bottled drinks- $1.00-$1.75

Students will be charged for each item they wish to purchase. Students who receive free or reduced lunch will be provided one entrée free or at a reduced price each day. Additional items, including drinks, must be paid for at the time of purchase. Students must have money in their lunch accounts or bring cash to purchase lunch as debit and credit card use is not available. Students are NOT allowed to leave campus for lunch.

Students must attend class for credit, be on time, and stay for the full day. Due to the full summer schedule and little available “extra” time beyond state requirements, students must adhere to the attendance policy to attain course credit. If it appears the student needs to be absent, parents should call and discuss this matter with administration.

For additional information please contact:
Anthony Kidd
Summer School Principal

Renee Manning
Administrative Assistant of Student Services
540-382-5100 x1023