Student Portal 


Student Portal gives students the opportunity to view:

  • Class Schedule
  • Attendence record
  • Marking period grades
  • Current grades 

To access Student Portal click on the Portal button on the MCPS home page( You may also click here to access portal.Then click on login.

To log in the first time students will generally use first and last names together with no spaces and the password is the same as his/her lunch number.

Example:   John Smith    Lunch number 12345

Student Portal login:

user: johnsmith

Exceptions:  The password must be 5 digits.

example 1: If a student's lunch number is less than 5 digits they will add a "1" and as many "0" as needed to make the password 5 digits.   ex lunch number: 12     password will be 10012.

example 2: If a student's lunch number is more than five digits enter only the first five digits of the lunch number:

lunch number 1234567    password will be 12345.

As students log in the first time they will be required to change the password to whatever they like as long as it has 5 digits.

If students cannot log in please have them contact their Media Specialist who will forward the name to Technology to have the login confirmed.

 For Help with Logging in and navigating Student Portal click here.