Admin Directory

Fax: (540) 381-6127
Mark L. Miear, Ed. D. Superintendent 540-382-5100 x1002
Annie Whitaker
Deputy Superintendent 540-382-5100X1002
Morgan Woods Communication Specialist/Deputy Clerk of the Board 540-382-5100 x1002
Brenda L. Drake Director of Communications and Community Relations 540-382-5100 x1003
Assistant Superintendent/Finance/Purchasing
Fax: (540) 394-4447
Thomas E. Kranz Assistant Superintendent for Operations 540-382-5100 x1017
Julie Wade  Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1017
Katherine C. Miano Director of Finance 540-382-5100 x1013
Marc Evans  Budget Analyst/Finance Manager 540-382-5100 x1018
Roger L. Hartless Supervisor of Payroll/Benefits 540-382-5100 x1072
Emily Cox Payroll/Benefits 540-382-5100 x1073
Mona Osborne Payroll/Benefits 540-382-5100 x1074
Vivian Poff Payroll/Benefits 540-382-5100 x1075
Pamela Potter Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1076
 Rebecca Gillen Accounts Payable Specialist 540-382-5100 x1012
 Tammy Hall  Copy Clerk  
   Purchasing and Warehouse
208 College Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073
Fax (540) 381-6570

Angela M. Bland Supervisor of Purchasing 540-381-6128
Millie McPherson Purchasing Specialist 540-381-6128
Steve Smith Warehouse Supervisor 540-381-6128
John Hardie Warehouse Staff/Mail Room 540-381-6128
Curriculum & Instruction
Fax: (540) 394-4444 (Assistant Superintendent/Director), (540) 394-4443 (Supervisors)
Barbara M. Wickham Director of Elementary Education 540-382-5100 x1041
Angela Romine Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1041
Carl Pauli Director of Secondary Education 540-382-5100 x1043
Heather Duncan Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1043
Emily M. Altizer Administrator of Literacy Programs and Preschool 540-382-5100 x1044
Lori Phillips Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1045
Diane R. Naff Administrator of Gifted Program 540-382-5100 x1046
Mark Husband Director of CTE and Virtual Learning 540-382-5100 x1048
Cynthia Saferight Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1049
Michaelene Meyer, Ph.D. Administrator of English/Language Arts Curriculum 540-382-5100 x1050
Jennifer Wall Administrator of Mathematics Curriculum 540-382-5100 x1051
  Alyssa White Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1052
Patricia A. Gaudreau, Ph. D. Administrator of Science Curriculum 540-382-5100 x1053
David Dickinson Administrator of Social Studies Curriculum 540-382-5100 x1054
Kimberly Dickerson Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1055
Carol Jennings Assessment Coordinator 540-382-5100 x1027
Jonathan Schulz, Ed.D. Supervisor of Grants and Innovation 540-382-5100 x1028
Human Resources
Fax: (540) 394-4446
Danny Knott
Dominick McKee
Director of Human Resources
Assistant Director of Human Resources
540-382-5100 x1067
540-382-5100 x1065
Susan Compton Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1067
Dawn LaPuasa Supervisor of Personnel 540-382-5100 x1068
 Tosh Osborne Personnel Services 540-382-5100 x1069
Jo Ann McDaniel Personnel Services 540-382-5100 x1071
Melodie Cox Personnel Services 540-382-5100 x1070
Janet Epperly Receptionist 540-382-5100 x1000
School Nutrition Programs
Fax: (540) 394-4445
Jennee Loflin SNP Supervisor 540-382-5109
Lisa Thomas Administrative Assistant 540-382-5109
Special Education
Fax: (540) 394-4448
Tony Walker Director of Special Education 540-382-5100 x1087
Julie A. Ligon, Ph. D. Supervisor of Special Education 540-382-5100 x1082
Deborah L. Wells, Ed. D. Supervisor of Special Education 540-382-5100 x1085
Melissa A. Proudfoot Coordinator of Response to Intervention (RTI) and Results Driven Accountability (RDA) 540-382-5100 x1083
Meredith Summers Coordinator of Special Education 540-382-5100 x1084
Becky Hylton Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1086
Deyrni Harlan Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1087
Connie Stephens Administrative Assistant 540-382-5100 x1088
Student Services
Fax: (540) 394-4449
Judith B. Diggs
Jason Garretson
Director of Equity, Diversity, and Tiered Interventions
Director of Student Services and Safety
540-382-5100 x1029
540-382-5100 x1091
 Stacie Wright Administrator of Equity Compliance  540-382-5100
Renee Manning Administrative Assistant/Records Clerk 540-382-5100 x1023
Rob Johnson Division Dean of Students 540-382-5100 x1022
Natalie Mey Coordinator for Section 504 and Board Discipline 540-382-5100 x1021
Kate Daby Virginia Tiered Services and Project Aware Manager 540-382-5100 x1024
Kelly Hager Coordinator - School Health 540-381-6126
Heather Turman Homeless Liaison/Foster Care Contact 540-382-5100 x1026
510 Church Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073
Fax: (540) 381-6115
Eddie Walters Director of Transportation 540-382-5151
Russell Altizer Supervisor of Transportation 540-382-5151
Tracey Eastridge Administrative Assistant 540-382-5151
Heather Gardner Administrative Assistant 540-382-5151
Jason Lawrence Vehicle Fleet Shop Foreman 540-382-5154
208 College Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073
Fax: (540) 381-6118
Linda Baylor Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 540-382-5141
Anita Sutton Administrative Assistant/Facilities Use Coordinator 540-382-5141
Greg Burgess Construction Program and MEP Systems Assistant 540-382-5141
Philip Hash Assistant Engineer for Environmental and Maintenance Planning 540-382-5141
David Hodge Custodial Manager 540-382-5141
Peter Vander Valk Coordinator of Controls, Parts, and Inventory 540-382-5141
Steve Seager  Parts and Inventory 540-382-5141
Technology Education/Support
208 College Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073
Fax: (540) 381-6195
Doug Wickham Director of Technology 540-381-6165 x1300
Trish Newby Administrative Assistant 540-381-6165 x1300
Julie M. Craft Supervisor of Instructional Technology 540-381-6165 x1302
Claude Miles Coordinator of Information Systems 540-381-6165 x1311
Ken Hoback Computer Maintenance Foreman 540-381-6165 x1316
Mickey Williams Communications and Electronics Foreman 540-381-6165 x1324
Catherine Breese Lead Instructional Technology Resource Teacher 540-381-6165 x1303
Katie Larimer Supervisor of Instructional Technology 540-381-6165x1304
Instructional Technology Resource Teachers 540-381-6165 Opt. 2
Power School Help/Information Systems 540-381-6165 Opt. 3
Computer Maintenance Shop 540-381-6165 Opt. 4
Communications and Electronics Shop 540-381-6165 Opt. 5

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