Special Education


Montgomery County Public Schools' Special Education mission is to engage, encourage, and empower students with disabilities by providing, in the least restrictive environment, the supports and services needed to graduate and live, learn, work and participate in communities of their choice with maximum independence.


Special Education is an integral part of the total collaborative education system where diversity is valued and all students are encouraged towards independence.

Academic behavioral instruction should be authentic with high expectations, promoting active engagement for all students.

Staff will be empowered to meet the educational needs of all students through shared responsibility.

Parent involvement is in an integral and valued part of the special education process.



       Office Phone - (540) 382-5114
         Office Fax - (540) 394-4448


Dr. Anthony Walker                                 
Director of Special Education                           
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1081)
[email protected]                            

Dr. Julie Ligon                                                          
Supervisor of Special Education - Preschool and Elementary Education                                 
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1082)
[email protected]

Dr. Debbie Wells                                        
Supervisor of Special Education - Secondary Education
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1085)
[email protected]  

Jessica Muniz
Coordinator of Special Education
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1083)
[email protected]

Brad Powers
Coordinator of Special Education
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1092)
[email protected]

Josie Loomis
Coordinator of Special Education
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1084)
[email protected] 

Administrative Assistants:
Becky Hylton

(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1087)
[email protected]

Connie Stephens
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1088)
[email protected]

Deyrni Harlan
(540) 382-5100 (ext. 1086)
[email protected]



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