MCPS VTSS Implementation Team and Other Resources

Division Level Core Team (DLCT)/VTSS Implementation Team:
  • Deputy Superintendent: Lois Graham 
  • Director of Student Intervention Services: Judy Diggs
  • Director of Elementary Education: Barbara Wickham
  • Director of Secondary Education: Carl Pauli
  • Supervisor of Special Education, Pre-school and Elementary: Julie Ligon
  • Project AWARE Manager/VTSS Coordinator: Jennifer Baldwin
  • SAP Coordinators: Julie Neely and Paige Walters
  • 504 Coordinator: Natalie Mey
  • Coordinator of School Counseling: Melissa Hipple
  • Public Information Officer/Clerk of the Board: Brenda Drake
  • Instructional Coaches: Debbi Fewster and Ernestine Saville-Brock
  • Director of Human Resources: Annie Whitaker
  • VTSS Trainers and Coaches: Tracy Kwock and Wendi Jenkins
The division leadership team is responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of a plan that builds the capacity across the division. It is this single divisionwide plan that allows the VTSS to achieve system change opposed to islands of excellence within each building throughout the division. The primary responsibility of the division leadership team is to establish divisionwide procedures and capacity for the implementation of VTSS. In establishing divisionwide VTSS procedures, the division leadership team must draw upon the guidance from the Virginia Department of Education, best practices indicated by the research, and the current practices within the division. The division leadership team must have a strong understanding of the VTSS model and take the time to carefully investigate and understand the current practices within the division at all levels. The goal of the VTSS model is to create a divisionwide approach to instructional decision making at all levels from the classroom up to the division. The division leadership team’s primary responsibility is to establish the procedures that will enable instructional decision making from the classroom to the division level and provide the professional development and support to building leadership teams and staff to accomplish shared responsibility for learning. The division leadership team creates, implements, and monitors the VTSS plan. (Virginia Tiered System of Supports (VTSS) A Guide for School Divisions by the Virginia Department of Education).
MCPS VTSS Implementation Plan

Positive Impact of VTSS



Project AWARE Mental Health Monthly Update Newsletters and Presentations

          September 2016 Newletter: Social-Emotional Learning and Suicide Prevention
          AWARE Brief: Mental Health and Academic Achievement    

Issue Brief - Restorative Practices - Approaches at the Intersection of School Discipline and Mental Health (PDF)  

Presentation - Adverse Childhood Experiences: New Implications for Student Mental Health

Presentation - Mental Health: A Key to Positive Futures for Youth in Foster Care  

NEW Report to Congress 2015: "The Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances Program"  
  • The recording for Session 1 of the VTSS Readiness Series   

VTSS Readiness Webinar Session

  Supporting and Responding to Behavior/Evidence-Based Practices for Teachers

  PBIS in Virginia/Resources

Part 1: The "What and Why" of Interconnected Systems Framework/ How School Mental Health and PBIS Work Together

The first episode focuses on increasing your understanding of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework and the critical features and rationale behind the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF).

Part 2: The "How" of ISF

The second episode focuses on increasing your understanding of how to install the ISF following the stages of implementation science and how to apply ISF in order to more effectively serve children, families, schools, and communities.

Part 3: The Outcomes of ISF

The third, and final, episode focuses on increasing your understanding of potential outcomes of implementing ISF and the tools that may assist you in doing so.


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