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Applying for Grants

Grant Seeking in Montgomery County Public Schools

The current MCPS grants policy was approved by the Montgomery County School Board in June 2016. This policy (Policy 3-3.11 Non-Locally Funded Programs/Competitive Grants) provides a mechanism through which the school board will be informed of grant-related initiatives and can offer approval for them prior to acceptance of funding. According to policy, the MCPS Grants Office will serve as the channel for submission of grant proposals to the School Board for approval. A summary of the policy follows.

About the MCPS Policy
All competitive grant projects that involve or obligate MCPS in any way must be approved by the School Board prior to or as soon as possible after submission. Teachers or staff members who wish to submit an application for grant funding should have the support of their principal or department supervisor. Project originators are responsible for informing the Grants Office of their plans for seeking funding. Applicants should provide the Grants Office with a draft of the proposal and budget prior to (ideally), or at the time of, submission. Note that the School Board considers grant proposals the first Tuesday of every month.

Once you have received notice that you've been awarded a grant, you should notify: 1) your building principal or supervisor, 2) your school or department bookkeeper, and 3) Jonathan Schulz, Supervisor of Grants and Innovation. Your bookkeeper or the MCPS Finance Office will issue you an account code and instruct you as to your responsibilities for managing/tracking your grant funds.

The Grants Office is here to assist you in locating and acquiring funding for your school-related projects. I can help you in a variety of ways, so contact me to make the most of the resources I have available!

Check out this resource to help you get started: So, you want to write a grant?

Note Regarding Crowdfunding (, etc.)
While MCPS School Board approval is not required for crowdfunding projects, all crowdfunding projects must be approved by your principal and the director of elementary or secondary education. More information 

Jonathan Schulz
Supervisor of Grants and Innovation
(540) 382-5100 x1028