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Rental Fees

For the purposes of this policy, “school facilities” are defined as buildings, grounds, and attached equipment owned or operated by the Montgomery County School Board. The primary purpose of these facilities is for the support of the instructional program. However, the School Board encourages the use of these facilities by the public when such use will not interfere with the basic purposes of the educational program and provides procedures to regulate the use of facilities to ensure clear understanding of how the community can access school facilities. The School Board and the administration retain exclusive authority to terminate usage agreements.  

Charges and fees for the use of these school facilities are designed not to limit or prohibit use, but to protect citizens from the expenditures of public money appropriated for classroom instruction and for other purposes. The expenses of heating, lights, water and personnel services, as well as protection of school property and security of the buildings when various groups use school facilities, make it necessary to have specific regulations with relation to the use of schools, buildings, and grounds. Because schools are educational institutions, their facilities should be used in an appropriate manner to enhance the education, health through recreation and culture of the community. Requests for permission to use school facilities for programs that do not meet this basic standard shall be denied. School Facilities shall not be used for income generating activities of for-profit sole proprietors or businesses.

School facilities may be used for public functions at the discretion of the principal. School departmental facilities, such as classrooms, laboratories, vocational and commercial departments, generally shall not be made available for non-school use. Use of school facilities on Sundays may be limited.

The division superintendent is authorized to permit the use of school property and to issue regulations consistent with School Board policies for the proper administration of the use of school facilities. The division superintendent shall make available to the School Board a monthly report on the use of school facilities

Policy 2-4.1

Indoor and Outdoor Facility Rental Fees
Description Cost Per Hour Maximum fee per day per rental
Indoor rental per space $50.00 $150.00
Outdoor rental per field $50.00 $150.00


Personnel Service Fees
Description Cost per hour Description
Building Attendant $30.00 A building attendant is required for all hours the facility is accessed
Custodian $40.00 Fee determined by the amount of time required to clean after the event
Kitchen attendant $30.00 A kitchen attendant is required for all time the kitchen is accessed
Technology attendant $40.00 Fee determined by the amount of time required to assist with technological needs


Additional Fees
Description Cost
Destruction of Property Any damages incurred will be billed at full expense to repair or replace