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Computer Technicians

The computer maintenance and repair department consists of eight technicians, supervised by one lead technician. This group is responsible for maintaining technology equipment used by MCPS faculty and staff. A designated staff member at each school enters requests for equipment repairs through the use of an online work order system. The work orders are printed at the technology department and given to the site technician. During their weekly site visit, technicians complete work orders in the order in which they were received. Through a partnership with the site Instructional Technology Resource Teacher(ITRT), technicians strive to ensure that equipment is functioning and available for instructional and administrative use.

Audio Visual

The Communications division of the Technology Department is a dedicated group of individuals that maintain and implement technology equipment within Montgomery County Public Schools.

An on-line work order system is in place and to provide better turnaround time on service requests and lessen the possibility of lost work orders.  Technicians' tasks are based on the assignment of these work orders. These tasks include safety, communications, classroom/instructional, administration, and specialty. Each of these tasks consists of separate responsibilities that must be addressed.

The technicians must work with the appropriate technology resource teacher on projects, purchases, and situations that may arise at a site. They also cooperate with computer technicians on various computer installations and maintain an open dialogue concerning projects and various department circumstances.

Information Systems

The Management of Information Systems division of the Technology Department provides a wide area of expertise and support for software applications used within our district.

Initial involvement begins with the analysis of potential programs that may benefit our schools. Upon purchasing new products, we implement the applications in the schools and facilitate training sessions for end-users. Continuous support is provided to school and central office staff through a quick response system.

Data integrity is a key factor in complying with the many regulations mandated by the Virginia Department of Education. We work closely with the school users in an effort to establish and maintain correct procedures for data entry and preservation. We also manage the extraction of data for the continuous analysis, use, and reporting required at the local, state and national levels.